Sunny Sunday!

Getting ready to brave the cold.  Just thought I’d drop a quick post and promote my website on WIX.  If you have a minute, please stop by and let me know what you think!



A little sneak peek…

I finally got some pictures to upload to Facebook and from there I was able to save a copy of each image and upload them into the blog.  I thought I would give you a sneak peek now instead of waiting until Feb. 20 at Blog Hop Part 2.  So here goes:

sneak peek 4 sneak peek 1

I think you can probably guess what my theme is,,,keep in mind that I love cameos and vintage jewelry!

Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to your feedback!  Love, Denise

B’Sue Boutiques Build A Line Challenge – Blog Hop

Wow!  I sure did get hopping today – blog hopping, that is!  I visited every member’s blog, what a talented group of people!

I had some problems uploading pictures to my blog, so I plan to make the big reveal at the next blog hop.  If I can figure out what’s happening with the camera, I may just post some photos before then.

Goodnight all!

A little about me and B’Sue Boutiques Build A Line Challenge – Blog Hop Part 1

Welcome to B’Sue Boutiques Build A Line Challenge – Blog Hop Part 1

I’m Denise of Jewelry by Denise and I’m so happy to be here with you for the Build a Line Challenge from B’Sue Boutiques This is part one of the Build a Line series of blog hops, where I will tell you a bit about myself and my background, and why I decided to be part of this challenge. It is an honor to be part of this group with so many talented artisans. All of us will be working hard to create a cohesive line of jewelry and pull our look and thought process together.   At the end, we will reveal a complete line of jewelry!

A little about me…

I’m from Massachusetts and have lived here all my life. Yes, I have that Boston accent…pahk yah cah at Havad yad!  I am the youngest of three, I have two older brothers (they’re awesome), my mother is still with us and she is unbelievable, she has more energy that I do. I’ve been married to my husband Norm for 27+ years and still going strong!  The lights of my life are my two Godchildren, Allison and Vanessa!

I’ve always loved jewelry, especially vintage and vintage-inspired pieces. I love to go to estate sales, consignment shops and thrift stores to see what I can find that will inspire me.  I love the Victorian era, the clothes, jewelry, the hairstyles, etc. I was definitely born in the wrong century. Anyways, I plan to incorporate some vintage pieces with pieces I’ve obtained from B’Sue Boutiques

I hope you visit my blog often! I plan to make the big reveal at the next blog hop.

Thanks for dropping by!  Don’t forget to visit the other blogs for all of our members (below):

Brenda Sue Lansdowne, B’sue Boutiques

Just thinking…

Getting a few pieces closer to completion for the big reveal on January 23! I’m not going to reveal everything, just a couple items…a lady doesn’t give it all away on the first date (lol).

Time is flying…got to stay focused!

BTW (in case you missed it) New England Patriots are going to the SuperBowl!  Go PATS!

Back to the worktable, chat again tomorrow!



I have my “Build A Line Challenge” designs in mind (sshhh…no one can know until the “reveal” at the first blog hop).

Getting excited and a little nervous that maybe I’m not ready for such a challenge.  This group consists of extremely talented artisans that create stunning masterpieces; and that’s what they are, masterpieces! I know I keep yapping about this same issue, I just don’t want to embarrass myself!  I need to relax and get those creative juices flowing, I know!

I’ve received positive feedback so far, it’s just when you look around the “classroom” and see the type of talent, it is a bit intimidating!

Okie dokie…I’ll try not to be such a negative nellie and carry on (at least until tomorrow).

Build A Line Challenge from B’Sue Boutiques


I think I’m caught up!

I’ve read most if not all of B’Sue Boutiques’ “Build A Line Challenge” posts regarding posting work, blog hops, etc., I just haven’t figured out where we’re supposed to post our “line” once we get started.  I read something about a “Classroom” site, but I think I need to do a little more reading to put my mind at ease.

If any of the “Build A Line Challenge” group members stop by my blog and see this…please drop me a note or post a comment.

It is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

Putting my back into it…

It’s been a few days since I’ve entered a blog because I had a case of sciatica (lower back pain into my leg).  Got meds from the doctor and boy did they throw me on my butt.  Well, I was feeling good enough to go back to work today after several days out of work.

My workroom is totally organized and ready for me to get back to the drawing board (so to speak).  Got some ideas in my head for the B’Sue Boutiques Create A Line Challenge and I’m anxious to get back to 100% so that I can give it my all.


Another day done…

Got more work done in my “bead” room, almost finished just need to put some beads away and it will be totally organized. Now, do I want to upgrade to a larger work table?  We have a great old wooden desk that would work, currently I’m using an old computer workstation with no storage. Just need to get the room rearranged.

It will have to wait for another day!

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